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Service Options

This document contains all the options for the Cache Redis service.


Choose the region in which you want the Redis instance to be provisioned.

/EU/Germany/Falkenstein/Hetzner``EU CentralGermany

As Nimbus runs across multiple cloud providers, Regions are named very specifically to convey both area in the world and relevant counties/areas.

Instance Size

Various instance sizes for cache instances are available depending on your requirements.

Freeshared50 MB
Extra Small ("XS")0.25512 MB
Small0.51 GB
Medium12 GB
Large14 GB
Extra Large ("XL")28 GB

NOTE 1000 CPU millicores is equivalent to one virtual CPU ("simultaneous muilti-threading"/). On modern CPU architectures, 2 virtual CPUs run on one physical core.

High Availability

High availability provides the ability to distribute the cache cluster across machines and zones.

None (single region)No HA is supported
Zone (multi-zone, same region)Availability across multiple zones in the same region
Region (multi-region)Availability across multiple regions


Some workloads require that the cache maintain it's data across restarts, while others require only an online cache.

None (data cleared by restart)When the cache restarts, data is cleared and it is reset to a blank state.
PersistedData is persisted across restarts

Released under the MIT license.