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//Cache//Redis - Quickstart

Need to get started quickly? Provision a Redis-compatible in-memory cache by following this guide.

1. Navigate to the Services Listing

The Services listing is the starting point for any services you want to provision.

You can find Redis under the "Cache" heading:

Screenshot of services listing showing Redis

The services listing is broken up by category, so under "Cache", you'll find the "Redis" service. Once you have, click "Launch 🚀".

2. Select options for your Cache instance

Select your options for the instance you are about to launch:

Screen shot of Instance options select for Cache Service (Redis)

For more information on all the options that are available for the Redis instance and their implications, see the service option listing

Once you're finished selecting the options for your instance, click "Provision Service".

3. Manage your instance

Once provisioned, you'll be able to manage your instance:

Screen shot of resource management page for example redis cache instance

You can also view your instance from the NimbusWS Dashboard:

Screen shot of dashboard with redis instance listed

Released under the MIT license.