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Service Options

This document contains all the options for the Analytics Umami service.


Choose the region in which you want the Umami instance to be provisioned.

/EU/Germany/Falkenstein/Hetzner``EU CentralGermany

NOTE As Nimbus runs across multiple cloud providers and regions, regions are named very specifically to convey both area in the world and relevant counties/areas.

Allowed origins

As Umami is used to record web traffic, it is possible to use it for multiple websites at a time.

If you would like any website (that has knowledge of the umami URL) to send metrics, leave "Allow all origins" checked.

If you'd like to restrict the domains that can submit metrics (as reported by the user's browser when a site is visited), uncheck "Allow all origins" and enter individual origins (ex. that should be allowed to send traffic to the Umami instance.

Instance Size

Various instance sizes for analytics instances are available depending on your requirements.

SizeVisits/Month (recommended)
Medium< 50,000
Large< 500,000
Extra Large ("XL")< 10,000,000

NOTE The visits/month number is a recommendation -- this means that you may be able to manage more traffic on a given tier, but you may encounter instability/service outages. To resolve scale-based issues, choose a larger tier.

Released under the MIT license.